Healing Energy Medicine

LOVE Qigong


The Wisdom of the Physical Body

The physical body has its own wisdom. Great wisdom. In learning to understand it and work with it we come closer to Divinity, and closer to healing all aspects of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes of our being.

Why Qigong?

We are reaching a period in our development where many people now realise that we are more, so much more than our physical selves. In recognition of this we come to understand that each of us, as individuals, needs to take full responsibility for our own wellbeing. This includes not only our experience here in the physical, but also our spiritual development and understanding, bringing us closer to truth, closer to reality.

Qigong is a wonderful entry into energy medicine. Physically it supports balance and flexibility, helping to build, strengthen and tone muscles, increase bone density without stressing the joints and open up connective tissue around the body. Its breathing practises can help increase lung capacity, and its smooth fluid movements help to release toxins through the lymphatic system, improving the immune system by activating immune cells.

Qigong also has numerous benefits on mental and emotional health. This gentle moving meditation can decrease anxiety, calm the sympathetic nervous system and improve concentration and sleep. Spiritually, as our awareness to the invisible deepens, we become more sensitive to our true essence, old destructive patterns start to break up and a truer, more divine pattern emerges.

"Its like having a weekend at the Spa." JS

"I feel like I could float out of the class" JB

"You can tell there's so much more going on than just the movements" SC

"You can really feel the energy building the more you do it" LH